For several years now I've been working with some of the best custom cuestick makers alive today. Here are a few.

This first cue was made by Andy Gilbert. Theme: Lord of the Rings. It's tough to photograph these, so I've combined photos to show the relationship of the elements.


Now for some details:

l2 gad l2 gim l4 l6      la

lo lo2 ln orc sm sa                  sig


Now, here's a Chris Nitti cue. The theme was World War 2. I'm a bit chagrined that I don't have a good picture of the whole cue, maybe Chris does?

Most of these inserts were about 1 1/2 inches tall. They're designed to look like dogtags.

chur  ike  fdr  tru


s1  sam  mon  mc

tank  rosie  kiss 

pearl  sold  norm

The same collector had Paul Drexler make a similar-themed cue. This time - the Army through history.

rev  civ  w1  w2  viet

The next cue was another by Paul Drexler "Draco's Revenge"

drag  drag2

knight  prin  wit1  wit2

Not all cues are over the top, but simple can be so noble. Another from Paul Drexler


An unusual Egyptian cue, again from Drexler.


While I worked it (above), images combined (below)


eby  egy2

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