Orders and Commissions

One of the most difficult questions to answer is "how much will something cost?" My simple answer is to figure a cost per square inch of scrimshaw. My normal charge is $200 per square inch. On smaller projects like knife handles, pendants or small displays this tends to be an accurate estimate. On large projects like cue sticks the cost actually goes down! I wish it weren't so, but it is. In part, this is because a lot of my time is spent sketching, planning, and doing research. So doing a portrait the size of a dime takes the same preparation as doing a portrait the size of a postcard. The rest of the time is simply spent covering each square inch with hundreds of thousands of dots.

So the best way for me to estimate is to know exactly what the image will be, then figure how elaborate any border work might be and decide on a finished size. A little back and forth between artist and client and eventually we'll both be happy. Let's talk and create something incredible. Thanks so much. Bob

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