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Nudes II

I could parrot some phrase about "appreciation of the female form", but who would I be kidding? My favorite subject.

Be Sure to click on each picture in order to see the fine detail on each piece of Scrimshaw!

A Pair of Sub-Hilt knives by Willie Rigney
 with a Fantasy Theme


Zippo Nude Goddess of the Moon
An elegant treatment
of a Zippo lighter.



Cynthia, Goddess of the Moon.  This is the piece that Steve Perry described in Tom Clancy's Net Force novel, Point of Impact.


Zuru Front Zuru Back

Readers of Steve Perry (Matadora, The Albino Knife, Point of Impact) might recognize Dirisha Zuri on these pistol grips. This front side is nearly finished


The flip side of the Dirisha grips in a "working" state. Steve Perry, who commissioned these grips, recently wrote Tom Clancy's Net Force novel "Point of Impact" featuring a scrimshander named Hergert - not a very believable name for a character...




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Though you might have to find these in a used book store now, you may want to check out Tom Clancy's "Net Force" series novels - "Point of Impact" and "Cybernation". Written by Steve Perry, they feature a scrimshander named Bob Hergert. Just a coincidence?.....I don't think so.

Steve Perry, who commissioned pistol grips with Dirisha Zuri are featured on Page 1 in the Nudes section.

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If you are interested in commissioning work or purchasing a piece pictured here, please send e-mail to the address listed.

To get an idea how much a commissioned project might cost, calculate the number of square inches of scrimshaw. Then figure a price of $150 -$200 per square inch. This assumes the model or design is ready or available. Exceptions to this pricing include miniature knives, which must be estimated individually. Cost of ivory is separate. Those who would like a quality knife for a moderate cost might consider the David Boye Prophet Companion. Finished knives with scrimshaw typically run between $600 and $800. 


by Bob Hergert
12 Geer Circle
Port Orford, OR 97465


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